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    This site began as a place for me to talk about the projects I was working on for an art class I took a while ago at Metropolitan State College in Denver, CO. I've decided to keep the posts related to that content here, but they will fall down the list over time.

Everybody Needs Somebody to Blame

I started out thinking that I would write this next post about my reaction to the US Supreme Court decision regarding abortion, overturning Roe vs. Wade. I am still holding that theme in my head. Now, however, it is running neck and neck with the confused thoughts of some muck raking conspiracy theorists I watched … Continue reading

What America Really Needs Right Now

Because, you have to understand, these divisions are all about belonging, not ideology. They develop from the source that most of mankind’s problems develop from, the fact we need to be loved. Well, the fact we need to be loved, and that we don’t get love. Love doesn’t come easily. It seems to come in … Continue reading

He wants your soul.

The Gospel of the Kingdom

To begin with, I believe there was an actual Jesus. He is not the same Jesus that the gospel accounts say He was. Some of the stuff that the gospel accounts say about Him are probably true, but it will take a lot of scholarship to determine which parts, and a willingness to accept the … Continue reading

What’s More Logical?

When I finally told my ex how I felt, one of the things she said to me was that I hadn’t known her at all. She said that on the heels of me complaining to her about how I didn’t think I had autonomy in our relationship. She lived overseas. I met her in Colorado, … Continue reading

Something about Simplicity

Last night I discovered something that surprised me. To explain how I got there, however, I think I need to fill you in about the day leading up to it. After I got off of work, I went to the grocery store. As I was heading round by where they sell the cooked chicken, I … Continue reading


This is fucked up. That’s something I see on Reddit. I have a story like that. The other day, I was in the weed store. I got the courage to ask the woman who works there if she wanted to go to lunch. She said, no, and I accepted that. The only problem is that … Continue reading

God Theory: How I messed about with prime numbers to prove one thing, and showed how easy it might be to prove the other, if only.

I have been looking for a theory that answers everything. I can’t help it. I feel compelled. But I don’t feel compelled to pursue what the method I used to do that can teach me about predicting prime numbers. I’ll bet it is better than your method, but I am still not compelled. In my … Continue reading


I would like to be able to talk about a great personal revelation that suddenly lifted me out of my depression. That would make a good utopia. Alas, most of this stuff will be economic. I want to talk about the structures we are going to need. The robots are coming! For most people, isn’t … Continue reading


I will get sexual in this post. There’s no way around it. I am reaching for talking about the wider scope of my life, to examine myself. I will also talk about my ex. She ought to understand, when I do, that I am not being mean. If I don’t see the truth completely, though … Continue reading

Beyond Good and Evil

If I teach man that there is no good and evil, what happens? Obviously, this is a religion thing, but not for all religions. There are thinking man’s religions that are based upon the Genesis story. There are also those that aren’t. For those thinking men, it should go without saying that when I say … Continue reading