Digital Line

I have been working on the first assignment for class. It involves creating nonrepresentational art. Part of my project uses curved lines. I was having a hard time creating them in Photoshop until I realized I could use the pencil tool and the eraser tool in tandem. I did not have to get my lines right to start with, only close. I could erase whatever part was not right and do it over easily in the digital world. For me it’s not the same as holding a pencil and having such control that I only have to think about what I want and my hand does it. Neither do I have the same sense of space as when taking in a piece of paper or a canvas all at once. There are a few more planning steps and the process of digital art seems more iterative, but perhaps when the benefit of being able to change things in layers almost at whim really shows its potential that seeming lost sense of place and early iteration will seem trivial.


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