Assignment #1

Vertical and diagonal force.

Yeah, so there is some localized circular force in this as well. That is not supposed to be the dominant kind of force in the image, though. It’s more what happens to your eye as the diagonal force throws it around and for respite you settle upon a particular region.

2 Responses to “Assignment #1”
  1. Very cool and spacey. Could as easily be on a canvass as on a computer screen. It looks like alien easter eggs, or an image of the mother Mary playing a Parliament Funkadelic like organ. I really like the shading on the underside of one of the “eggs.” It makes it appear as if you’re looking at a mushroom from the underside. Muted background color scheme works well for the diagonal force and doesn’t take away fromthe centerpiece. Good work!

  2. Michael Passe says:

    Perhaps because of the large central flower-like structure is placed squarely in the middle, I think the piece has more of a sense of stability that a sense of directionality. The muted colors make the central object dominate the piece, and the wedge sort of balances out the diagonal force. So my reaction is that it’s a little static. That is NOT a criticism, I only notice it because of the directionality requirement that we’re supposed to comment on. It is very balanced. For some reason, it strikes me as some sort of offering, perhaps because the image in the front placed in the cone reminds me a little of the shrines you see along the road in, say, Mexico. The pastel-ish nature of the colors and centered close-up view of the main artifact has a slight Georgia O’Keeffe look. The large object at the “back” of the central object looks like a potato, perhaps because I am very hungry right now. WHat I would suggest (as if I know anything) is to put the central grouping off to one side a bit, maybe make it horizontal, and this perhaps will give it a little less balance and directionality. Taken on its own merits though, it’s just fine to me.

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