Project 1

Project 1

The Cycles of Man

Project 1

The Cycles of Man

As the cloud of recession covers society more and more objects and spaces are taking on new meanings. The Cycles of Man asks the viewer to interpret what those new meanings imply. It asks the viewer to see the plight of man in the context of great change. It asks the viewer how far these changes can go. Finally, it asks the viewer if they see hope, even in the darkest outcome. As an artist I specifically avoid asking the viewer what they will do. I want them to investigate their feelings. I want them to both place themselves into a scene, taking on the tenor of the objects, and look at it dispassionately, without judgement. Having done this, then I ask them to feel, hoping that their feelings will be both visceral now and sublime.

One Response to “Project 1”
  1. mluckie7 says:

    I can see a future reality here. If you’ve ever been to a ghost town and seen where nature has taken over, you can see this happening here. The middle panel, explaining what happened to take us from panels 1 to 3 is great!

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