Project Two

Supermarket Grid

Western Civilization

My Source Files at Flickr

Supermarket Grid

Western Civilization

With this project I wanted to explore a place everybody goes to, but few consider beyond the time spent there. In an effort to depict the subject in a manner into which any viewer could see themselves I adopted the methodology of appearing and taking my photo immediately, without delay. I kept my camera out of sight until it came time to take the photo. Whatever was there would be included. In this way overall the images should reveal an approximation of what anyone’s shopping experience would be like. Staying true to that I arranged the photos in the same order in which they were taken. In this way I hoped to create a work of art into which any viewer could place themselves. A work of art into which controversy would naturally arise due to the many different interpretations. In my selection of image enhancements I chose to cast the people in my photos always in some kind of central focus. When there were no people I was mindful of the purpose of each subject aisle and what might be appropriate to enhance that. By concentrating on the individual, rather than the collective, I hoped that when the individual pieces were then brought together they would have the power to force the eye to hover, much like the receding vista of each aisle does. In this way I hoped that the viewer would consider their place in society, the economy and the world.


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