Project Three

The God of Small Things

The God of Small Things

I approached this project with a sense of curation, It came to me that the nature of the project, telling about myself, was best done both with the images included and the images not. There are reams of little things I have kept following with me throughout the stages of my life. Some I have held onto through the ages. Some I have only just acquired. If I included them all it would not tell any coherent story, however. It is much more likely that like delegates introducing their states at a political convention they would gobble time and energy, fighting each other over the narrative. In the end I included far more modern things than ancient. I scattered them mostly as if I had tossed them on a table, which belies how much care I really put into their arrangement. I feel certain things when I see the individual pieces. I wanted to keep those feelings intact and investigate also how I felt seeing them juxtaposed as they are.


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