Project Five

Long gif I made this short study with the intention of examining the plight of man. Specifically, I direct it at those who see us eternally trapped in the cycle of reincarnation. With the just slightly longer pause the movie takes when the man sees the beauty of his own hand the movie pivots. Perhaps … Continue reading

Assignment Five

I put this gif together in class after our first instruction. I like it as a first go because it is simple and yet it harkens back to all of those black and white movies I watched as a kid. Can you see the pair of eyes watching you from behind the portrait?

Project Four Part Two

I wanted this awkward couple to serve as a basis to study what goes on between people is such situations. Necessarily, I focused on the man’s thoughts, delving into what holds him back as well as what makes him go. In this manner I wanted to investigate our humanity. I chose a pastel color scheme … Continue reading