Project Five

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Dive Right In

I made this short study with the intention of examining the plight of man. Specifically, I direct it at those who see us eternally trapped in the cycle of reincarnation. With the just slightly longer pause the movie takes when the man sees the beauty of his own hand the movie pivots. Perhaps he jumps back in because being young was so good and the maturity that comes after recognizing his own beauty is not for him? Perhaps he surrenders to a nihilistic need to self-destruct once he comes to the age of reason? Maybe he learns to walk(support himself) all too late in the short lifespan we are given here on earth? Perhaps given where he finds himself all that is left to him is a pell mell run at the ageless sea? Or does he do what he does out of a sense of duty to some perceived higher calling, the fascination of the viewer or the insistence of the artist? Ultimately I leave it to the viewer of my art to decide, but it would be no small thing if the perception of beauty alone where enough to compel us to endure whatever pain, whatever hardship, whatever triviality over and over again.

Dive Right In (with tweens)


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