Project Six – Final Project

I decided to make another gif for my final project. I find that I really enjoy working with moving images. There is quite a lot of creativity caught up in the flow from one frame to another. Sometimes what I have done goes seemingly unnoticed while other times the transition from one frame to another has a large impact.

The Hoodie

I created this short with the intention of pointing out the absurdity of our stereotypes. I went over the top by selecting a thuggish stereotype for a hero, an old woman and a boy as typically vulnerable types and a large woman as a villain. Along the way I had fun with the interactions between them. I found in making this that I challenged myself at least as much as I challenged my viewers. I could not string it together without asking myself over and over again why I chose the characters I did and why I made them look the way I made them look? In the end I decided to allow the work to be an exercise in stream of consciousness, answerable only to the interpretation of the viewer. I can’t say that I could have made the necessary moment to moment decisions if I hadn’t.

One Response to “Project Six – Final Project”
  1. carlybrooke says:

    AMAZING Micah! I am very impressed. With your first gif as well. So fantastic!

    Congratulations on graduating!

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