The Apocalypse

I have to chuckle when I think about how much time I’ve spent worrying about the end of the world. From the time I was a teenager, no before that even, I was filled with the sense of it. It’s no wonder, really, back then we had the Cold War going on. Nuclear missiles were … Continue reading

The Holy Spirit

I’ve been giving some thought as to what my fundamental beef with Christianity is. I suppose I am a Christian. I have to fall back on that tag, but I am not exactly like the others. Whereas Christianity over the span of the last two thousand years has been about the story of God’s sacrifice … Continue reading


What is time other than the thing, the state, that says a thing is here and not there. A thing can be anywhere, but it is here. It is here now. Mostly we account for time by thinking of now and remembering there was a past, and the past was not here. The past was … Continue reading