What is time other than the thing, the state, that says a thing is here and not there. A thing can be anywhere, but it is here. It is here now. Mostly we account for time by thinking of now and remembering there was a past, and the past was not here. The past was not now. So, where does now come from? Is it a product of the entire universe, seen in its relationship to the whole? If it was that then how could I separate my now from your now? No, it’s got something to do with energy. Energy is the thing that defines a story. It is the thing which spans across what creates now from what was once now, and does its best to convey the same story. Like money the way energy tells a story is over the course of its flow rather than in terms of its finality, its eventual goal or resting place. Energy feigns at rest, alluding to a purpose to its movement when it is the idea of the thing which gives it that purpose and not the mere existence of the energy itself, or its amount, or its intensity.The idea of the thing shapes those qualities of energy that it can and leaves the qualities it can’t to be what they will be, on or off, intense or not intense. For the body it does this within tolerances. For matter within states. But energy does interact with other energy. Your story and my story are not so separate as they may seem. They do influence each other while still obeying some rule that says that no two things can occupy the same space at the same time.

The thing, the now, is itself energy, but its energy is not that of randomness. It tells a definite story, albeit one which has many formal ways of interacting with other energy. Those formal ways are the ways of other things too. We know those ways as electron shells mostly, but they are more than that. They provide also the path, the environment over which energy comes back to us, from yesterday, or rather, from today over the path laid out by yesterday, defining itself according to those prior relationships and according to the available energy surrounding the now, out of which it must form a path to tomorrow. If it were not like this then nothing could ever move. Yesterday would be the same as now and tomorrow would make no sense as a concept.

The thing, being itself energy, is actually a product of the return over its own formal story telling of the energy available beyond itself. Now is continuous with yesterday and flows through to tomorrow because now has always told a formal story. Over the course of that formal story energy flows quite naturally. As it does it takes on the characteristics of the story, by means of the formal aspects the now has expressed. As I said, we tend to think of these as electron shells, but really their effect is clearly way beyond that. Gravity behaves the way it does because of it. Energy behaves the same across relationships. It follows the rules of the formal stories across which it flows, even if those stories are encapsulated within other stories, and those within still others. And yet encapsulated things are still separate things.

Obviously there is a rule about what constitutes a body, when two or more things agree to tell the same story. Granted, they do this from their own perspectives. Something about that kind of sharing makes it easier to go on as a unit than as an individual, for a while. The stories are not always sufficient to hold for the two or more forever. Perhaps the flaw is in the story. Perhaps it is in the universe.


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