The Holy Spirit

I’ve been giving some thought as to what my fundamental beef with Christianity is. I suppose I am a Christian. I have to fall back on that tag, but I am not exactly like the others. Whereas Christianity over the span of the last two thousand years has been about the story of God’s sacrifice of His only son in order for man to find forgiveness I think the entire time something very important has been overlooked. Jesus time and time again spoke of the importance of love. He made the point of saying more than once that the greatest commandment is to love God and that the second is like unto it, love man as ourselves. Jesus never said, “Well, I never expected that you could really love anybody, or God, so I’m going to give you this hiding place we can call Christianity where we constantly tout forgiveness, but never work on love.” In fact, what he did say was that he was going to give us a helper, The Holy Spirit. Alright, Christians, you will have to forgive me, but Christianity is supposed to involve this helper helping us to be the very people he admonished us to be.

I can see your mind at work. You are saying to me that there are Pentecostal sects of Christianity that seem to work in this manner. Surely the fact that the Pentecostals speak in tongues and all that means that the Holy Spirit is at work in the Church in some way? Well, yes and no. The Bible speaks of the fruit of the Spirit as being that which glorifies God. The gifts of the Spirit, tongues, healing, prophecy, etc are just that, gifts. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Those are the things that Christianity is meant to be about. People who don’t believe are asked why they don’t and again and again they say, “Why should I, the Church is full of hypocrites?” You know what, they’re right! There is no compelling reason in what the typical unbeliever sees that would lead them to believe. Certainly, telling everyone that they are sentenced to Hell if they don’t believe doesn’t help. How can you ask a person to believe at the point of a gun? How is that supposed to engender faith?

There is no devil! There is only the power of man as he straddles reality collectively able to render it as he will. Jesus came to speak to us, to address that collective self, the Devil. He gave us the Holy Spirit, Himself as he understands Himself in order for us to see the better way than that of the crowd we are born into, all of our structural subconscious groping and self-aggrandizing, striving for selfishness and seeking our own pleasure, justification or glory without thought for any other except to own them or have power over them. Eventually, He will use this relationship to save every last one of us, not just those who are groveling before the altar of forgiveness. You see, God is a multi-part being who is also represented in individual persons. Jesus spoke of the Father and the Spirit. He addressed them as separate beings, and yet He said, “If you have seen me you have seen the Father.” How does Jesus find Himself as an individual and yet know Himself as a part of this? Do you see the power of the Holy Spirit yet? Jesus was born of the Spirit, begotten. When the time came the Spirit also descended upon Him, at the baptism of John. He performed the three and a half year ministry of miracles after that baptism and was then crucified. We know what it means for us to think only of His resurrection in terms of a type for our bodies, but what does it mean as an activity of the Holy Spirit? Doesn’t it mean Jesus as the baptist, now giving man freely what He had himself that was so able to direct his understanding of Himself such that He had victory over the other state? Yes, he is building a new body, a new man. Isn’t that what it means to be a Christian? In other words, to be a individual and yet to be a part of God, for the first time able to make that distinction trusting that beyond ourselves lies some sort of resurrection if we can’t see the ending where love will take us! The real gift of Jesus is to give us our selves and what is beyond our selves, both at once and so stitched together that out of this understanding comes that fruit.

One Response to “The Holy Spirit”
  1. Good post! Love is so crucial if we want to lead holy lives. In fact, the Holy Spirit is generated only through love and so if we want to be filled with the Spirit we must be filled with love.

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