The Elephant in the Room

Basically, forgiveness is great. It’s essential, so much so that God went there first. The problem is that at some point, though, in order to reach the kingdom of heaven we have to learn how to treat each other better. There is a reason why the communication of God’s love through Moses came as a … Continue reading

Who is Elijah?

Jesus said, “If you can see it, Elijah has come.” When he was talking to his disciples about why the Pharisees said that Elijah must come before the Christ. The author of the account then credits John the Baptist as being Elijah. Maybe the mistake is that John contained the Elijah, but wasn’t the Elijah? … Continue reading

What is the Market?

As an introvert I kind of scowl when I see people look to each other for clues on how to act, what to like, etc. I find those answers inside myself and think it silly that other people seem to need to find their answers outside of themselves. But where inside of myself do I … Continue reading

What is God Up to Anyway?

Talking about Jesus as the new Adam means more than you might think. First of all, who was the old Adam? Was he the first man? Was he the proto-man? Was he the only man? That’s right, the only man? There is evidence in the bible itself that he wasn’t the only man. You don’t … Continue reading

Solving the Crisis

It’s been a while since the events of 2007-2008 unfolded, ending in the thunderclap of lost houses and broken dreams, of sluggish economic performance to date. In many ways what happened was just another wave in a cycle of waves like it, most of them smaller, a few bigger. In many ways it wasn’t either. … Continue reading

What is Religion?

What is my beef with religion? I am deeply connected to God and yet I can’t stand overly religious people, why is that? It has something to do with this, you don’t own God. No matter how far along you’ve come, however many things you’ve learned, you can’t corner the market on God. Yes, it’s … Continue reading

Confirmation Bias

What does it mean to have a friend? Is a friend a person who agrees with everything you say? Are they someone who supports you in all the things you do? Is total agreement like that really friendship? Those are some difficult questions. The answers for any of them could be yes or no, and … Continue reading