More Than a DOMA Queen

Ok, first of all, I have to state right out that I am in favor of gay marriage. So, why then am I about to talk about the most compelling reason against it? The reason is because gay people’s rights have opened a topic that has been a little bent for a while in society.  … Continue reading

Every Child Should Be Loved

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the devastating effect upon a person’s life of not being loved when they are small. Really, not just the effect upon that person’s life, but upon the life of society. As much as I can see the point behind the anti-abortionist’s viewpoint (trying to say that all life … Continue reading

There is Another Answer to the Privacy Question

In my last Random Thoughts post, ragging on Windows 8, I brought up the possibility of collaborative user interfaces. I suggested that Windows 8 should have been designed from the get go as an operating system that recognized what environment it was being asked to interface with and provide the user interface experience that best … Continue reading

Where to for the Operating System

There has been a lot of trash talk concerning the Windows 8 operating system. I’ve got a laptop that runs it. I’d like to say that the talk is all the usual smoke, but I can’t. I want to use the operating system like I would Windows 7, but it makes me take a lot … Continue reading


In the midst of the controversy surrounding the surveillance of US citizens in the name of security I haven’t yet heard anybody mention the most serious issue. The issue is that a surveillance apparatus like that, in the hands of a political party willing to use it, could pretty much guarantee that party’s election supremacy … Continue reading

Confronting the Future

Despite the recent economic troubles brought on by man’s recent orgy of greed in the housing market it is beginning to look like everything will be ok. You know, man will live to tell other tales. We aren’t going to sink into a terrible malaise, not solely because of the housing crash. I don’t have … Continue reading

What I Would Have Done

Ok, so this big crisis comes along and we are told that if the government doesn’t step in to bail out the banks the ATM’s won’t be open next Monday. Probably they won’t be open again for some time. Gulp! For some time the economy had been going along predominantly on one form of borrowing … Continue reading

What About Aaron?

I was reading what I wrote about singular individuals typifying the work of God, pointing to Christ, when I realized I was making a mistake when it came to Moses. Moses did not act alone. He had his brother Aaron. It was Aaron who did the heavy lifting. He was the front man. He didn’t … Continue reading