What About Aaron?

I was reading what I wrote about singular individuals typifying the work of God, pointing to Christ, when I realized I was making a mistake when it came to Moses. Moses did not act alone. He had his brother Aaron.

It was Aaron who did the heavy lifting. He was the front man. He didn’t do anything other than what he heard, but it was he that actually did so much of what God told Moses to do. Really, Aaron is far more Christ-like than Moses.

If Aaron is far more Christ-like, where does this place Moses? I guess it places him where God said he was, “Like God to Aaron.” In this way, looking at the Moses work this closely, doesn’t it make sense to think of Moses as more a type of the Holy Spirit and Aaron as more a type of Christ.

Wow, now it really makes sense why the Mount of Transfiguration. Both Moses and Elijah are types of the Holy Spirit. Both of them very importantly work through the Christ. The one, Moses, acts as the great deliverer. The other, Elijah, crosses a far larger time-frame, preceding the Moses work as it transpired in Christianity and also lasting beyond it, working after the wilderness period of the drought to work the kind of reconciliation with God that is necessary for a people who both know their God already, but also need to become reacquainted with Him in many ways.


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