What Impact, the Existence of God?

Alright, everybody struggles with the question of whether or not God exists. Some say it takes faith to see God. Others say that if you can’t observe something in the here and now that would indicate God’s presence then God can’t exist. I think to know what God has to say about this you need … Continue reading

Jury Duty

I had to go in for jury duty today. It was pretty easy. About two hundred of us were called. Only twelve or so got picked. The rest of us, me included, got to sit around. I had a good book, so I didn’t sweat it. All the while sitting there I thought about how … Continue reading

What About Part Timers?

I was just reading an article about how Walmart is complaining that the District of Columbia insists upon a big box store minimum wage of $12.50 and hour. Walmart says they won’t build the three stores they have planned for DC if that goes into effect. The article also suggests that they may try to … Continue reading