The Tea Party, the Real Bandits, Empire and Obamacare

I’ve got this libertarian ex-pat friend who lives in Austria. He moved for personal reasons, not because he doesn’t love the US. Recently, we’ve been having an email discussion, some of which is pertinent to what is in the headlines today. I’d like to share it with you. The discussion began with him sending me … Continue reading


More than any other county outside of the United States Mexico presents a particular problem when it comes to the idea of immigration reform. As the only immediate neighbor of the US that suffers from the cultural and economic troubles that it does it poses a problem in the mind of your average American when … Continue reading

Free Will

The late Christopher Hitchens probably described best what free will is. To paraphrase him: free will is not the ability to simply do what you want when you want to do it. It isn’t because that kind of action, fulfilling your desires, arises out of your nature. To do what you want when you want … Continue reading