Something From Nothing?

I made this Youtube video recently under my alias there, Grand Universal:

Here is the transcript:

There are several conditions a theory that attempts to answer how the universe began has to meet. First it has to answer how everything could arise from nothing. Solving that, it has to answer how everything that is can readily continue to exist when its basis is actually nothing. To help us with our attempt, let us postulate some ground conditions.
1. Whatever it is that the universe arose from had the potential within itself to exhibit the forms and structures that we see in the universe, but that it didn’t exhibit them until the moment the universe actually came into existence.
2. There was no space-time before the moment that the universe came into existence.
3. Since there was no space-time before the universe came into existence then there was no size to what was before, it was neither small nor large, and it had no time.
4. We have also to assume that whatever process caused the universe to emerge from nothing was prevented from operating in like manner once the universe did emerge, or, unless the phenomenon was rare enough, over time we would see evidence of that same process taking place somewhere within the vastness of our own known universe.
Now, just because the phenomenon of emergence occurred does not mean that what the universe arose from ceased to exist. In fact, I would like to offer that it does exist now, and is all around us. I offer that the universe arose from energy.
To best visualize how the universe could have arisen from energy alone I think the analogy to get the point across is that of how a sphere can be turned inside out, without splitting, cutting or creasing it. Of course, the pre-universe had no shape, so a sphere is not an exact match, but the problem of turning one inside out without violating its integrity is similar to that of how the pre-universe could have changed by only the processes it could know in relation to itself.
It’s very difficult to imagine a sphere turning inside out, it took people a long time to realize it could be done. The thing to realize in how this applies to energy becoming something else, and yet that something else being in some relationship to the original, is that, as per our rules, there would not only have been no size to the pre-universe, but no time as well. So, if the pre-universe could change itself, it would.
From this process we only need one thing to emerge, the first proton. Whatever the proton really is, we can use a curve to model it. From this model we can understand something that belonged at once to the changing state of energy and to the nascent universe. As a manifestation of energy it was only one of the many forms that energy was capable of taking on. As a member of the nascent universe it was the progenitor of space-time.
In the proton’s condition as an unclosed curve, in relation to the nascent universe, it was also bathed in a sea of energy. This energy was capable of taking on any form. I postulate that it naturally took on the form necessary to try and complete the curve. As it did this it respected the part of the curve that already existed, therefore seeking to wrap itself around what already was while taking on the form to complete the curve. Remembering that energy can readily pass through itself we realize that the curve, while it could simply loop itself around its nascent self at each end, the trailing ends continually passing through each other, it could also seek to complete itself in a manner in which it would pass again and again through some regular part of itself as well. Due to the shape of certain things, like magnetic fields, I think there is reason to believe it did the latter, or that and the other. There is no reason to limit the closing of the curve to any one path. It could easily have taken every path at once.
No matter what the real path of the developing space-time, the general form of it would have been to wrap around the first proton. This is important because without this phenomenon the first proton would have been transient. Because of the geometry of the shape, transport of energy was favored, due to necessary inequalities between layers. This transport of energy would have caused the energy around the proton, which at this stage was all of the energy in the pre-universe, to flow toward the proton, confirming its shape. Whatever energy was not needed to reform the proton would have been given off as heat. Motion would only increase the heat. I think the explanation is not really quite this simple, the electron is involved, but to get into that might only derail this attempt to explain something more important. Suffice it to say that the shape of space-time, coming as it does from the proton, serves to channel energy back toward the proton, confirming or reforming it and instituting the basis of the universe.
Now, to understand how the birth of a single proton in the early universe could give rise to all of the matter that came into existence in a split second let’s use an analogy. Imagine a park with a track running all around the outside of it. Now let’s say that the park exists in order to fulfill the needs of those that travel around its path. Now, cram that path full of people. If the park comes into being in order to fulfill the needs of those who go around the path, then with the path so crowded what you need is at least one more park. In order to fulfill the needs of all of the energy that was available in the early universe with only one proton surrounded by only one nascent appearance of space-time, it would take many more protons, until all of that energy was satisfied. That is what I think happened. The need of the energy available in the early universe was too great to be satisfied by the single proton at its center. The energy naturally formed as many more protons as it needed , causing them to come into existence adjacent to one another, and the universe expanded immediately to contain them.
It’s important to separate the notion of the inflationary expansion just mentioned and universal expansion. The first was brought about by energy acting over space-time immediately when it was able in order to create enough matter to fulfill its need. The second began to occur at the moment a proton came into being, and has not ceased since then because the curve that makes the proton cannot be closed.
I’ve shown how this hypothesis explains how the universe could have risen from nothing. I’ve also explained how, under this model, the universe is capable of sustaining itself. I’ve also explained the nature of gravity, due to the curvature of space-time. It is not energy alone that will seek to travel toward the center of the curvature, but other protons as well. As they continue the process of reforming themselves they will do so not only under the influence of their own motion, but also in respect to the space-time they find themselves in.


I usually post videos under this pseudonym that have something to do with an hypothesis I am working on. So far all of the hypotheses have to do with the nature of the universe, or a search for a Grand Unifying Theory of Everything.  The methodology I used to make this video was to record each of the paragraphs individually in a program called Audacity, then export them all as one long track that I could include in a movie making program. I made most of the images in Photoshop, except for the sphere being turned inside out. Those I copied from another person’s Youtube video.

If you’ve read my previous posts you might be wondering where God is in this one. I can tell you He is never very far away, but that for His sake this video leaves Him out. This is so that those watching it, if they care to understand what I am saying, can form a reasonable, non-religious basis for grasping some things upon which the arguments about God may later depend. I think this basis is both reasonable and respectful of others.



Addendum upon watching the video after some time.

I feel I need to explain a few things. First of all, the turning of the sphere inside out is an example to explain how the base energy of the universe can do anything in relation to itself, including fold in upon itself. When it did this, as I propose, it created the conditions for the formation of the first proton. The first proton arose from that, along some aspect of that folding. As you can imagine, this would have not only created a thing (a shape) that can stand in for what we model as an unclosed curve, but also the nature within that for it to seek to continue on, to seek to, impossibly, close itself.

Also, the first proton needed some help in order to create the universe, and not just the help available to it from the vast amount of energy that was flowing into it. I said in the video that the proton would seek to reform itself. What I meant by that was that the proton’s shape was not simply created by the initial conditions, it was also inherent to the shape that it would take in relation to the space-time that was formed around it by its attempt to close the curve, and to the energy that naturally flowed toward that initial proton over that space-time. Even at this the initial proton would not have been able to cause cosmic expansion. You can thank Einstein for that. When the bible says, “Let there be light,” it means something more than what you might think. The initial proton only needed the area around it that was necessary for light to travel over in a manner that was squared for it to reform itself. Think of a cone that goes outward from the center as far out as it needs to in order to form a square of light over the curved space that the inequalities over the curvature of space-time form, a huge but finite distance. Now multiply that times the entire sphere that we use in the model in order to visualize the initial proton. Also multiply that times the third dimension that the model we are using leaves out. Also multiply that times the irrational overwrapping that the concept of time will necessitate in such a model. That is E = mc^2. That’s a tremendous amount of energy in the nascent universe as we model it here with only one proton to contain it. All time is a long time, or no time. If there is light, however, there will be time. This alone wouldn’t cause expansion, but it would confirm the energy. As I said in the video, the electron does have something to do with cosmic expansion. If the electron exists (being an attribute of the layer(s) in space-time in which it resides and not a property of the center), then it interacts with light. This would destabilize the single atom nascent universe, causing it to have multiple stories over which to reform itself, as many as there was enough energy to create.

So you can understand that the “waters that were above” and the “waters that were below” are just another way of talking about the base energy of the universe. Water that for one, once separated, represents that base energy as it is collected for us from the point of view of the curve at the center, the sea, and the other as it is represented from the point of view of all else outside of it, the heavens. The Spirit of God hovered over the waters, separating them, creating or emphasizing the electron. Therefore, when God said, “Let there be light,”  in combination with the separation what we are really talking about is cosmic expansion. It’s a code, and a useful one for us when interpreting scripture all the way through. Now you can begin to understand a few things about the messages God is sending us in the events and stories of the bible. For example, when Jesus turned six stone jars of water into wine He was doing something much more than saving somebody’s wedding. He was prophesying how the Spirit of God would turn six thousand years of symbolic judgmental history into something much more palatable to man. In case you haven’t realized it, we are pretty much about that point right now.


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