Mustard Seed Faith

I’ve always struggled with the idea of faith. What is it to begin with? Is it something that we find small at first, and then watch it grow? Maybe that notion is actually the farthest thing from the truth?

In the past I’ve laid down my reasons for stating that Satan is not some other spiritual being, but is the experiential part of ourselves. The serpent in the garden was not some other creature, as I’ve said, but is actually a metaphor for our spines. In the same way that our judgment ensnared nature cannot exist in relation to the world in certain ways after judgment takes over, the serpent could no longer walk as well. In a way we now crawl on our bellies spiritually.

When Jesus talked about faith, and he said that if we had faith like a mustard seed maybe he was trying to talk about what puts the world together, our judgments. By saying that we need a faith that is metaphorically so small maybe his point was something other than that a small faith can grow into something big enough to do big things. Maybe this small metaphor was intended to tell us that small faith is what we need to be after all along?

The critical thing is to realize that our judgments make up our worlds. A small faith is ,therefore, more properly understood as a center around which a certain perspective upon the world can take place, juxtaposed against the possibility of all those other realities that could be taking place via our judgments. If we can let go of judgment, then we can find that center.

The center is made up of God’s presence in our lives, Him teaching and giving us grace. The center is made up of how much we can see that, and quiet down the judgments that speak against it every day. It is at once the casting out of demons and the authority to do so. It is throwing our rods down and having them turn into a serpent. It is reaching out and grasping those serpents by the tail, and having them transform once more back into a rod.



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