Science Experiments

Here is a video I made over at my local park. It consists of me using the frequency generator I used when I prospected for gold in combination with some scale models I made of the furniture from the Tabernacle of the Old Testament. This process does involve using dowsing rods. I show how they work for me. For purposes of full disclosure, however, I have to share that, aside from the man who sold my dad our first generator, I have yet to meet anyone else the rods will work for. I knew right away, the first time I tried this, that it works. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to prove it. Just because I experience it working for me doesn’t mean the rods will work for just anyone. I prefer to believe that something is different about me. I don’t know what it is, or if anybody else could figure out how to get their body to react with them the same way. Anyway, I thought making a live action video like this might work a whole lot better than drawing images in Photoshop and creating a voice over for them.


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