Summary of Space-Time Theory

In the following video, which I posted to my more secular identity I keep on Youtube, I outline some of the things I’ve come to believe about the universe. A lot of this is based upon various experiments I’ve done, as well as upon conjecture, in order to develop these hypotheses. All of these assertions don’t have to be true in order for there to be something here. It’s more the general place I’ve gotten to when thinking about a space-time based model and the kind of ideas that will engender that are the take-aways. Anyway, I hope you can both enjoy and understand this.

I made this video a little differently than some of the others. Although I have done a lot of Photoshop imagery in this one as well, I didn’t use a script for this one. Instead of writing a script I rehearsed what I thought in general and then retold it in one long session, like I might have done if I was giving a Power Point presentation. Then I edited out a lot of the um’s and seconds of dead air while I thought about things. I know there’s still a lot of that left in there, but I wanted to keep it sounding kind of like a natural conversation. I guess I was looking for a style.


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