The Sham That is Donald Trump

I posted this on another site,, today, under my moniker there, evilgenius. It pretty much expressed how I felt after listening to Donald Trump talk about building his wall.

God, this whole Trump thing is interesting. I was listening to him talk on the radio the other day. He was going on about how his wall is definitely going to get built. And how he is going to make the Mexicans pay for it. He has this way of running the obvious, that the math doesn’t work, right past those who are so angry that they can’t see straight.

What did he say? If I remember right, he said that there is a 58 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. In order to preserve this he believes they will come up with the 10-12 billion dollars that it would take to build the wall. What? Needless to say, he is talking aggregates here. All of that trade has been done by companies doing business in Mexico, not by the Mexican State. The best that Mexico can do is tax those who are doing so well. Aside from the fantastic job of maintaining order, in perhaps the country with the highest murder rate in the entire world, and building consensus, in a country where almost everyone would pull up stakes and go north rather than stick it out, how much of this money could possibly be left over for wall building?

There is a fundamental flaw at work here, in the rhetoric over the wall. Mexico needs answers, not bilge. I haven’t got any idea whether the US has really got any role to play in Mexico’s recovery. Ultimately, that ought to be up to the Mexicans. The policies of the US, however, toward immigration do play some part in how many can get out of a place that, seemingly, no one wants to stay in.

You have to ask yourself, who would leave the country of their origin? I wouldn’t leave the US, though I might live somewhere else, even if things here got pretty bad, even if Trump got elected. You know what, the Mexicans aren’t really leaving Mexico either. The decision to go up north does not come as an either/or thing. You only have to look at the torrent of transfer payments sent every month by those working in the US back to Mexico to see this. If there was any place that made economic sense to build a wall, wouldn’t it be there?

It makes a lot more sense to tax non-citizens so much as a tariff for making these transfers that they quit making them. Then, impose a moratorium on new citizens whose origin was Mexico from holding dual citizenship. In other words, force those who want to claim the US into complete honesty. Compel them to really join up or go home. Then you can consider loosening the barriers to entry, not before. It isn’t wrong to want new immigrants to a land whose values are derived from the idea of individual rights to understand and take up both the cause and order of those rights.

Likewise, engage the Mexican government over the issue of ownership of land in Mexico by US citizens. Their efforts to make sure that US citizens can’t really own land are nothing but an outright contrivance to maintain the political status quo, as well as an obvious effort at legally inscribed bigotry. They are using the fear of whitey Norte Americanos coming down and running everything, like some kind of colonization, in order to keep their grip on power. What it really masks is the fraud that is their lack of representation of the wishes of the people. They don’t want US citizens, who have a whole different set of expectations concerning what the people should expect from government, gaining the power to expect representation from government.

Legalizing drugs is a whole ‘nother thing. There isn’t space to get into that, but any honest diatribe concerning this issue at least has to mention it.

And this discourse on the relationship between the US and Mexico should be obvious. The fact that Donald Trump won’t approach the issues from any perspective of reason, but would much rather engage in the fantasy of wall building, points out how ludicrous and un-thought out his candidacy really is. The angry are being played. Trump has a lot of immigrants working for him. He would never want them to have to pay a huge tariff to send money back to Mexico. They would demand more money to work for him if that happened. Then the panacea of the poorly written and weakly carried out open door policy that currently exists would be exposed!


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