Atomic Theory Maintenance

The things I’ve been saying concerning how the universe was made and how it functions have come a long way in the last couple of years. As my thoughts evolved I always wanted some kind of trail to exist over which curious people could see how I got there. Looking at it, though, I could see my efforts to do that were only creating confusion. It was difficult to tell what order I was saying things in, such that a new take on something didn’t look any differently placed than an old one. Recently, I took down all of the Youtube videos related to explaining my hypotheses. I plan on making a new, much larger video, that will encompass everything, but take the viewer on a better journey. Not many people come to look at my stuff, so it isn’t as if the free world will crumble in the meanwhile. It’s more my attempt to save people from confusion. As a result some of the links in earlier posts on this site won’t work anymore. This is to let you know that I took them down, and not some censor.


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