I’m not a religious nut. At least I’m not your typical sort of religious nut. In real walking and talking life I hardly talk about religion at all. I don’t like pushing God. If you read a bit of my stuff you may find out why I think God mostly doesn’t like it either. What you get here is what my philosophy stews down to. A lot of that is based in religion, so you’re going to read more about it here than you ever would if you knew me personally.

I meet God all of the time, usually in very small ways. Life is made of small things. I choose to use those meetings to improve myself, or perhaps sometimes confuse myself. I meet people and circumstances too. I experience tremendous joy and tremendous sorrow. I can be very thankful or very angry. Usually there is a sort of peace that weaves everything together. It’s not all rosy, nor all tumult. I learn from all this. I think it is important to witness about what we learn from life, even if it doesn’t seem to amount to much,  or if we are not going to succeed with it but thought it was worth the effort. I happen to believe a person witnesses with who they are first and what they say second. It’s very difficult sometimes to actually talk about who you are rather than say what you would like to say, or what you think people want to hear!

Currently, I’ve chosen to feature the Random Thoughts category on the landing page. I figure that’s as good a place as any to start. Random Thoughts will contain some religious stuff, but only because it’s necessary for argument boundaries and such. In those cases any atheist should be able to substitute their own experimental gleanings from the process of self-knowledge for much of what I call religion. Same goes for anybody that comes from a different religious background than I do.

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