Project Six – Final Project

I decided to make another gif for my final project. I find that I really enjoy working with moving images. There is quite a lot of creativity caught up in the flow from one frame to another. Sometimes what I have done goes seemingly unnoticed while other times the transition from one frame to another … Continue reading

Project Five

Long gif I made this short study with the intention of examining the plight of man. Specifically, I direct it at those who see us eternally trapped in the cycle of reincarnation. With the just slightly longer pause the movie takes when the man sees the beauty of his own hand the movie pivots. Perhaps … Continue reading

Assignment Five

I put this gif together in class after our first instruction. I like it as a first go because it is simple and yet it harkens back to all of those black and white movies I watched as a kid. Can you see the pair of eyes watching you from behind the portrait?

Project Four Part Two

I wanted this awkward couple to serve as a basis to study what goes on between people is such situations. Necessarily, I focused on the man’s thoughts, delving into what holds him back as well as what makes him go. In this manner I wanted to investigate our humanity. I chose a pastel color scheme … Continue reading

Project Four – Part One

Ho, Ho, Whore Ho Ho Whore I dove into this assignment originally looking for modern examples of commercial advertising from which I might draw some irony. I wasn’t, however, satisfied with the plethora of too skinny models I saw there. It was in this historical example that I found life. It speaks to me because … Continue reading

Assignment Four

These are the word assignments for our text project Happy and Outrage Love and Jealousy They are workings in Adobe Illustrator to bring out meaning by playing with letters in some way.

Project Three

The God of Small Things I approached this project with a sense of curation, It came to me that the nature of the project, telling about myself, was best done both with the images included and the images not. There are reams of little things I have kept following with me throughout the stages of … Continue reading

Assignment Three

Thinking Map This is the thinking map upon which the curated collection for project three was derived. As this map tumbled into existence the objects in the project either showed themselves or were ferreted out, dragged kicking and screaming to the photobed and defined beyond all spontaneous existence.

Project Two

Supermarket Grid

Western Civilization My Source Files at Flickr With this project I wanted to explore a place everybody goes to, but few consider beyond the time spent there. In an effort to depict the subject in a manner into which any viewer could see themselves I adopted the methodology of appearing and taking my photo immediately, … Continue reading

Project 1

Project 1

The Cycles of Man As the cloud of recession covers society more and more objects and spaces are taking on new meanings. The Cycles of Man asks the viewer to interpret what those new meanings imply. It asks the viewer to see the plight of man in the context of great change. It asks the … Continue reading