By the Sweat of Your Brow

Recently, I started a second job. It involves using my car to deliver things. Unlike my other job, though, it does not involve a delivery route. Instead it is about delivering stats, rush orders, to a laboratory. So, yes, it is still in some way related to medical deliveries. Let me tell you about how … Continue reading

The Long Term Unemployed

I just finished reading a CNBC article¬† regarding the plight of the long term unemployed. The article revealed a bias against those who have been out of work longer than a month or two on the part of potential employers. The case study largely was about an older woman who had been out of work … Continue reading

What I Would Have Done

Ok, so this big crisis comes along and we are told that if the government doesn’t step in to bail out the banks the ATM’s won’t be open next Monday. Probably they won’t be open again for some time. Gulp! For some time the economy had been going along predominantly on one form of borrowing … Continue reading