The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil

Yesterday I had occasion to drive by an apartment building I had wanted to move into several years ago, before I moved into the place where I live now. I liked the look of the place. Driving by caused me to recall the story of why I never lived there. In those days I was … Continue reading

The Economics of a Truly Different World Order

One of the great questions of my life, handed down to me by the quirk of my place in history, has been how to reconcile capitalism and communism. There is nothing like capitalism to provide incentive to people. The generally accepted monetary medium (and the systems that make that possible), rather than the favor of … Continue reading

Clashes Everywhere Breaking Apart Nations

As I write this problems are occurring predominantly in three nations in the world: Ukraine, Venezuela and Thailand. Mostly, these problems are due to minority groups within these nations who so identify themselves with ideas or understandings outside of those that underlie the majority consensus that drives these nations that they want out or want … Continue reading