Capitalizing the Citizenry

I propose that the government capitalize its citizens. I first tried to pitch the idea by saying that someone might need an F-150 truck to do business. Of course, the criticism came back that people would borrow just to get the truck, and then refuse to pay back the loan. Never mind that they would … Continue reading


When viewed from the perspective of history, it’s very easy to see how both labor unions and corporations ought to receive personhood. They each have distinct voices which, by their natures, speak for what could be either a person or group of like minded people. They are each a conduit for the expression of people … Continue reading

The Architecture of Frustration

I think we need to look upon the economy like a layered onion, or a tree. All of the attention is focused upon the outermost layer, the one that is growing. The trouble with the US economy is that since the 70’s the outermost layer has become detached from the domestic economy. The fact is … Continue reading

By the Sweat of Your Brow

Recently, I started a second job. It involves using my car to deliver things. Unlike my other job, though, it does not involve a delivery route. Instead it is about delivering stats, rush orders, to a laboratory. So, yes, it is still in some way related to medical deliveries. Let me tell you about how … Continue reading

What Does it Mean for Jesus to Call Himself the ‘Son of Man’?

I was just walking back in the bitter cold, minus one Fahrenheit, from dropping off last night’s movies into the Redbox when it hit me. Under the natural state of things people living outside in these conditions don’t fair very well. It’s all very good and well for that squirrel that lives out back of … Continue reading

What’s Wrong With Our Educational System?

Yesterday one of the people who rents a room in the house I also rent in and I had a conversation. He is on his way out, moving back with his parents in order to study something, computer generated art, that he hopes he can make money with. You see, he’s an art major. He … Continue reading

The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil

Yesterday I had occasion to drive by an apartment building I had wanted to move into several years ago, before I moved into the place where I live now. I liked the look of the place. Driving by caused me to recall the story of why I never lived there. In those days I was … Continue reading

The Long Term Unemployed

I just finished reading a CNBC article¬† regarding the plight of the long term unemployed. The article revealed a bias against those who have been out of work longer than a month or two on the part of potential employers. The case study largely was about an older woman who had been out of work … Continue reading

Confronting the Future

Despite the recent economic troubles brought on by man’s recent orgy of greed in the housing market it is beginning to look like everything will be ok. You know, man will live to tell other tales. We aren’t going to sink into a terrible malaise, not solely because of the housing crash. I don’t have … Continue reading