Something From Nothing?

I made this Youtube video recently under my alias there, Grand Universal: Here is the transcript: There are several conditions a theory that attempts to answer how the universe began has to meet. First it has to answer how everything could arise from nothing. Solving that, it has to answer how everything that is can … Continue reading

A Little More About Education

This morning I read a piece on the LA Times website¬† concerning how a judge has thrown out the concept of tenure in the California Educational System. His argument was that it was “obvious” that making students remain under a poor teacher was bad for them. To quote the article, “In his ruling Tuesday, Los … Continue reading

What’s Wrong With Our Educational System?

Yesterday one of the people who rents a room in the house I also rent in and I had a conversation. He is on his way out, moving back with his parents in order to study something, computer generated art, that he hopes he can make money with. You see, he’s an art major. He … Continue reading