The Science Behind the Resurrection

Just as Noah set loose a raven first, followed by a dove, so too did God use multiple manifestations in order to raise His son. The raven was the lasting one, who was able to fly for such a long time. The doves each would go out for the time they were strong enough to fly, then return. If they found a place to rest while out, they could stay away longer. In the process of experimenting with the ark model and frequency generator combination I have discovered some very interesting things about the generated fields and a certain way of interacting with them. Predicated upon whether a man, Ron Wyatt, who claimed to have found the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem, actually did find the Ark where he said it was, under Golgotha, I offer this video explaining a hidden thing. If the Ark is there, then what I outline here is plausible. If not, then it is still an interesting phenomenon that pertains to these types of generated fields.


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